3B.1 Lab

The media lab, 3B1 contains 25 iMacs equipped with a wide range of software for video, photo and audio editing. The lab features a large screen TV so you can show your work, as well as a printer, and scanners.  In the back of the lab, a room featuring full wall green, black and white screens is available for use. Pictures of the lab and the backroom can be seen below as well as the list of software available on the iMacs.
Free time lab schedules:
Monday: 6-9p.m.
Tuesday: 6-9p.m.
Wednesday: 6-9p.m.
Thursday: 6-9p.m.
Friday: NO FREE TIME *Scratch disk clean up/all data erased*
Paratechs are always present to oversee and help students out with projects during the 6-9pm  periods.
Whitewall 3B.1
Backroom with the White, Green and Black walls.
Greenwall 3B.1
Blackwall 3B.1
Storage 3B.1
Storage room for props etc.

Software List:

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Timeline Based Editing)

Apple Final Cut Pro 7 (Timeline Based Editing)

Adobe After Effects CC(Post Production Editing, Effects, Motion Graphics and Compositing)

Apple Color (Colour Correction)

Apple Motion (Postproduction Editing, Motion Graphics)

iMovie (Basic Timeline Base Editing)


Photo Editing

Adobe Photoshop CC (Photo Manipulation)

Adobe Lightroom CC (Photo Manipulation)

iPhoto (Photo Viewing, Basic Effects)


Sound Editing

Adobe Audition CC


Soundtrack Pro

Garage Band


Conversion Programs

MPEG Stream Clip (Creating H.264 Videos for Vimeo, Quicktime Videos for Final Cut)

Apple Compresser

Quicktime Player (MP3 conversions)



Adobe Contribute Cs5.1

Adobe Dreamweaver Cs5.5

Adobe Encore CS5.1 (DVD Creation)

Adobe Fireworks Cs5.1

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5

Adobe Flash Catalyt Cs5.5

Adobe Illustrator Cs5.1

Adobe InDesign Cs5.5

Adobe Media Encorder Cs5.5

Adobe OnLocation Cs5.1

Adobe Story

Cinema Tools

Dvd Studio Pro


Apple Keynote

Apple Numbers

Apple Pages

Microsoft Office 2011 (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word)

VLC Player



Google Chrome





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