3A.1 Workspace

In addition to the CinCom faculty offices, 3A.1 has an animation lab, a sound booth, 3 iMacs for general use and space for students to study or have group meetings around large tables.

For access to the 3A.1 facilities during the 6-9pm (mon-thu) free time please see a Paratech in 3B.1.



View of the room


Teacher’s offices in the back


animation room

Animation side room


Animation station with iMac, and a Cannon DSLR set up over a light box


Sculpture and animation workstations


Supplies Cabinet



Sound booth room


Student recording audio with Audacity


Step 1. Make sure to turn on the light/fan and keep it on until you leave the room. Do not shut it off while you are in the room.

Step. 2 Open Audacity on the Computer.

Step 3. Make sure both switches are turned on on the sound Board.

Step 4. Recording:

-Press the red circle to record. A new track with appear each time you restart recording.

-Make sure you are set to Built-in Input.

-While recording check the levels. They should be around 12, if you hit 0 your sound will be distorted.

* Make sure to listen to the recording with and without headphones as it may sound differently.

Step 5. Saving:

Save to an external hard drive, not on the computer!

Save as Audacity file or export. *Saving as an MP3 is not a good idea. *Saving as AIFF is best for Final Cut or Wav for Premiere.

When you are done recording make sure to log out and shut the light off when you leave.

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