GLITCH explores the dynamic worlds of screen culture – how they shape and enable us, what they reveal, distort and make of contemporary life. Produced by students in the Cinema and Communication Department of Dawson College, the five interactive and media works in this exhibition survey old and new media landscapes considering the kinds and qualities of their varied manifestations and how they inform our lives.  Do the movies draw from real life or shape it? How do we access and understand the news and information? Are these mediums biased or neutral? How does media shape who we are and who we have become?  Are media representations a true reflection of ourselves or are we gazing into a distorted mirror?

The works that comprise the exhibition involve the viewer in a critical reflection on screen culture. Gathering clips from a broad historical selection of film and television programming, the found footage film, Miss_Represented takes a sometimes humorous, sometimes horrifying look at the many ways in which cinema and television have imagined women’s social roles, over time. Through a story about how movies bring people together, REEL considers the ways in which screen culture impacts social life. In its different manifestations, Screen Warfare reflects upon the changing of political discourse since 911. A multimedia installation that includes moving and still images, and documentary artefacts, the project captures the media’s portrayal of terrorism, Islam, and the ‘enemy’ since the fall of the twin towers fell. Stereoactivity, an interactive web project, lets you mix and match scenes and soundtracks from iconic films.  Remember the famous ‘flying’ scene from Titanic?  What if the music you heard while watching it was taken from a Star Wars film?  What stories does this kind of remix call to mind?  An interactive and live streaming event, Twitter Timeline involves its participants in a tweeting performance that inspires consideration of the ways in which virtual personalities can transcend imaginary realms and impact people in real life.





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