Rules For Borrowing Equipment

RULES for borrowing equipment:

No food or drinks in the labs.

Equipment RETURN time: 10am- 11am.

Equipment PICK UP time: 2pm- 3pm.

Reservations are for the current week only and are ONLY MADE IN PERSON. Not by e-mail or phone.

Reservations must be cancelled before noon of the day reserved either by phone or in person.

Cancellations are only done in person or by phone. You may also send a friend to see me as well to let me know of a cancellation or you may leave a note under my door.

If you will be late or you are unable to return the equipment at the specified time, you must call and tell me that it will be late and let me know when the equipment will be returned.

If you are a no-show and if no cancellation for the reservations were made, you will get an automatic 2-week suspension from borrowing any equipment.

Students are required to charge any equipment they take out overnight regardless of whether it was charged when they got it.

For your own benefit, you should format the SD card in the device you borrowed before you use it.

Due to our spam filter on e-mail, it is not advisable to e-mail me because it is often blocked. Therefore it is better to call me and leave a message if I’m not here or slip a note under my door.

Karen McRae, CinCom Technician

A.C.S.P & A.C.T.C
Room 3B1-1

514-931-8731 Ext. 1260

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