For this end of year event, one of the Integrating Activity classes is producing a Multimedia Exhibit which is open to the Dawson community over the course of three days, following the launch, in 3A1 the department’s new collaborative, creative, exhibition space.

The students were committed to producing individual and collaborative interactive works and launch the show on Dec. 02 through to Dec. 05 2014. The event provided students with the opportunity to explore new media, interactive visual works, to create original installations and publicly showcase their work. They embraced this mandate and worked diligently to reach their set goals, quickly realizing that this collaboration will take a great effort in team work. they successfully stepped up to the task.

As this event is organized and run by students of the C.V.C profile, students had the chance to create an event that suits them as a whole. Beginning with an advertising campaign using the web and new technologies, the students were able to draw from the skills and knowledge  learned in during the course of their two-years of study, to create what can be considered one of their first complete productions. The skills learned by applying the knowledge they have gained into the practical and real life use becomes the real benefit of this project.

Thank you from all the students in the winter IA 2014.

(Instructor: Myriam Rafla).


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