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Course List

Term 1:

530-113-DW: Explorations in Cinema and Communications

Explorations in Cinema and Communications is an introductory level course that provides students with a broad, basic understanding of old and new forms of media through engagement with diverse communications practices. Among other topics, it considers the impact of various media including oral culture, print, cinema, radio, TV, digital media, and the Internet. Essential elements of fields of cinema and communications will be presented and explained.


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Term 2:


530-211-DW: Script Writing

In this course students will write a story treatment and script for a short film and video and analyze scripts. This writing class/workshop may also explore other media and multi-media forms.


530-222-DW: Animated Film

This course examines a wide assortment of animation films from digital, to experimental, and claymation to cartoons. The concepts, techniques and styles used by filmmakers are analyzed and critiqued.

530-223-DW: Video Workshop

An introductory course teaching students the principle techniques involved in video production, including camera work, sound recording, and video editing. Both narrative and documentary techniques are explored. The department supplies cameras, sound equipment, computers and software, but students are encouraged to purchase a media storage device to store and transport large video files.

530-224-DW: Film and Culture

This course addresses the cultural significance of film and related media. Students will view a range of films, from historical to contemporary, including foreign and independent films, and learn how to interpret and analyze the social and cultural values expressed.


Term 3:


530-311-DW: Communication Studies

This course examines the nature of communication and how it has been studied. The core of communication studies is to uncover the fundamental ways that humans, other creatures and machines understand each other. Whether it is the use of signs, gestures, language, codes, images, or computer chips, the study of communication attempts to describe the common features of how information is processed. The course examines current and historical case studies. Students have the opportunity to research, devise, and produce their own ideas about basic communication processes.

530-312-DW: Film and Social Issues

Rather than look at movies from an aesthetic or technical point of view, Film and Social Issues looks at movies as social documents that reflect ethical, cultural, gender, political, and economic realities. The course examines the ideological underpinnings of feature and documentary film-making and encourages students to analyze how and why the social preoccupations of a given era find their way into film.


 530-325-DW: Media Production

This course allows students to produce more complex media productions. Workshops, technical exercises, group work, and analysis of student productions constitute the main course activities. There is no prerequisite for the course, but successful completion of Video Workshop or experience with non-linear video editing is an asset. The department supplies cameras, sound equipment computers and software but students are expected to purchase data storage devices, as required.

530-323-DW: Communication Practices
This course provides students with the opportunity to apply various forms and tools of communication, on an individual basis or in groups. It also enables students to understand and make use of the web and other digital media to reach a global audience. Among other possibilities students may produce a performance piece, a piece of digital art, a social network, or a media campaign

530-324-DW: Animation Production

The course introduces students to the craft and process involved in the production of short animation works. Students will create animated films using a variety of production tools and ideas, and exhibit proficiency with some basic, classical and free form techniques and styles. Students animate with paper cels, clay, etc., and use animation tools and video lunch box. They also assemble a drawing/doodling book, storyboards, art works and models. The aim is to compile a portfolio that presents the student?s skills and imagination with animation and a doodle book that displays the creative process involved in the creation of the work.


Term 4:


 530-412-DW: Multimedia Production

A course designed to introduce students to the processes involved in planning, designing, creating and delivering interactive and mixed-media projects in a Mac lab setting. Production activities focus on the development of a range of multimedia works, designed in consultation with the teacher, and aim to encourage students to explore software and techniques imaginatively, in terms of their commercial application, their creative possibilities and their ways of aiding self-expression.

530-499-DW: Integrating Activity

The culmination of studies in Cinema/Video/Communications, this course requires the student to consolidate the essential features of the Profile. The student’s overall acquired skills and knowledge are applied in the construction of a comprehensive production. Students participate in research, design, promotion and production work. Collaboration, resourcefulness and insight are essential to assembling, critiquing and appreciating a multi-faceted project.


530-422-DW: Film Theory and Criticism

Film Theory and Criticism provides students with the necessary technical and aesthetic vocabulary for viewing, discussing and writing about movies. It also presents an overview of critical theories that have influenced filmmakers, film critics, and film publics over the past hundred years. Lectures, group discussions and screenings comprise the content, while assignments include formal essays, and a creative project.

530-421-DW: Cinema: Selected Topics

This course provides students with the opportunity to explore film in greater depth and detail. Students examine and critique various film genres, directors, styles and movements to better understand the subtleties and power of film.

530-423-DW: Experimental Film and Video

This course is designed to provide a college level introduction to the experimental film and video genre. The cultural, historical and artistic origins of the genre are explored, as are its major movements and essential elements. Students view, analyze, discuss, and provide critiques of selected works. A theoretical introduction to the creative process is provided through appropriate readings, exercises, group and individual projects.


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