RESULTS 24 Hour Film Competition

The results are in.

1st place: Nine
2nd place: Finding X
3rd place: Coercentibus

Honorable Mention: Jerk

Here’s how they were decided: to rank the films, our four judges (Jesse Hunter, Heather Wallace, Terryl Loffler Kim Simard) ranked the films 1st, 2nd, 3rd.  The films were then compared on the following grading system:

3 pts. for a 1st place vote
2 pts for a 2nd place vote
1 pt for a 3rd place vote

The results were:

Nine: 11pts

Finding X: 8pts

Coercentibus: 4pts

Jerk 1pt

In addition, views and likes (Vimeo) were factored in.  Those results are as follows:

Nine: 480/26

Satisfaction Guaranteed: 213/12

Finding X: 424/10

Jerk: 217/8

Coercentibus: 165/6

Eight Years Time: 148/2

Coming Out of the Closet: 447/2

Keep posted for the announcement of prizes in coming days.

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