24 Hour Film Competition

Because of popular demand, the 24 hour Film Competition is back!

It will be taking place on: Friday March 22nd, 2013 at 6 pm 3B.1.

We invite you to start choosing teams and sharing the event to get the most participants possible.

You will be assigned a Genre, Prop and Tag Line to make your film and you will have time to make and edit until the next day, Saturday March 23rd at 6 pm.

There will be a 5 dollar entrance fee that will supply the prizes for the winners.

A sign up sheet will be placed up soon outside the 3B.1 lab where it is possible to sign up as a group or as an individual that will be eventually placed in a group.

It is a great opportunity to show your talent and work with various students in the program.

More information will be available shortly.


Past Winners